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Geliştirici: Ricoh Innovations, Inc.

iCandyMobile is a FREE app that turns your iPhone into a QR code scanning, social networking, iTunes controlling remote control.

- Scan: Using the camera on your iPhone, iCandy automatically scans QR codes – really fancy, two dimensional barcodes – and directs you to any web page that’s linked to that QR code.

- View: view the web pages or YouTube videos you’re scanning in the built in web browser without leaving the app.

- Share: iCandy links automatically to social networking communities like Facebook, and Twitter. Use this app to share things you’re scanning via the camera or even the web pages you’re browsing while using iCandy.

- Control: Turn your iPhone into a remote-control device that controls your desktop iTunes OR iTunes on the iPhone: scan your music or video cards and start playback on your desktop or on the device itself. Hook up a pair of Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone and now youre a DJ.

So when you want to tell the world what you’re doing, use the iCandy app to show them. ReadWriteWe crows, “[iCandy is] perfect for bands wishing to promote their MySpace page, Facebook fan page, YouTube video, or anything else on the web.”

You can also connect the iCandy app to our desktop version that allows you to create physical iCandy “QR” barcode cards. Heres what Mashable had to say about it:

"When it comes to scanning QR codes, the iCandy desktop app is pretty neat – letting you use your webcam to scan codes from your desktop or your physical world. Scanning hard copy QR codes couldn’t be easier..."

The physical iCandy cards can be printed on everything from postcards to business cards to t-shirts, mugs and concert fliers for a rock band. Since the iCandy app has a feature that allows the iPhone to remotely control iTunes on your Mac or PC, you can connect it to your home audio system or TV, and let the fun begin! For more information about both the desktop and iPhone app versions visit http://icandy.ricohinnovations.com.